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Jay Cutler Is Now a Jets AFC East Opponent

In the aftermath of Ryan Tannehill’s injury, the Miami Dolphins have signed former Broncos and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

The move reunites Cutler with Dolphins head coach Adam Gase. Gase briefly helped to breathe new life into Cutler's career during his one year stint as Bears offensive coordinator in 2015. It helped him land the Dolphins head coaching job a year ago.

The Jets were linked to Cutler in the offseason, but the team signed Josh McCown, Cutler's former Bears backup instead. Cutler had agreed to join FOX as an analyst, but the career change is now delayed.

The Jets don't figure to be part of the mix in the AFC East or the AFC Playoff picture this year so this move might not mean much on that front, but they now will play Cutler twice.