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Jets Training Camp Recap: Another Rough Day for the Quarterbacks

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Reports out of training camp Friday indicate it was another rough day for the three quarterbacks competing for the starting job.

Rich Cimini:

The Jets' quarterback competition hasn't been very competitive at all. Christian Hackenberg (3-for-11, three sacks) had his worst day of training camp, his third straight sub-par day. Josh McCown (12-for-20) had plenty of hiccups, too, including a red-zone interception. He almost had a second pick in the red zone. McCown is the clear front runner for the job. Bryce Petty (2-for-4) barely got on the field. He and the entire third-string offense were forced to run a punishment lap ... and Petty never returned.

We aren't exactly seeing a bang up start to training camp. Of course this is just the first week so there is plenty of football to be played. Although I am sure there will be some overreaction to this, please remember the first preseason game hasn't even kicked off yet.