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Jets Claim Bruce Ellington Off Waivers

The Jets made an additional roster move today.

Ellington was a fourth round pick of the San Francisco 49ers in 2014. In his three NFL seasons, he has a grand total of 19 catches.

I don’t think this move will hurt the Jets, but I also don’t think the odds are good of it making much of an impact. The 49ers wide receiver position isn’t much better than that of the Jets right now. If Ellington couldn’t cut it with them, it doesn’t speak well for his chances. I tend to think the Jets have enough players with more upside worth keeping on the roster over Ellington.

At the very least, time is running out on Ellington. 25 years old and a fourth NFL season are getting late for a player to be a project for the future. He might be on his last chance to stick in the league with the Jets.