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Jets 2017 Roster Breakdown: Can Marcus Williams Shake Off a Tough Season?

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s talk about Marcus Williams as our Jets roster countdown continues.

Name: Marcus Williams

Number: 20

Year with Jets: 4th

Projected Role: Competing for third starting cornerback spot

His 2016: Based on their salary structure, the Jets had a lot riding on Williams’ ability to slide into a top three cornerback role on an inexpensive contract. He had thrived in 2015 as the dime back, but this was a step up.

The team couldn’t expect him to make plays at the same rate. His 6 interceptions in 283 snaps in 2015 meant that Williams was the greatest ballhawk in NFL history by a mile, or his rate of interceptions would fall much lower. He started the season with 2 interceptions in his first 2 games but failed to pick a pass off for the rest of the season.

The year he had was disappointing. Despite that interception in the first game, he was partially to blame for a blown coverage on a long A.J. Green touchdown. Things did not get a whole lot better from that point. PFF had Williams allowing a 118.3 passer rating and the second most yards allowed average after the reception, a sign he was getting burned long too frequently.

2017 will be a success if: Williams claims the third cornerback job over his competition and shows he can handle it. He is young enough where it is theoretically possible he can get better, but the odds seem against it. If he couldn’t do the job in year 3, why would he be able to handle it in year 4?

Odds of making the roster: Probable (75-99%)