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Sheldon Richardson Says Seattle and Washington Wanted to Trade for Him if He Took a Paycut

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Sheldon Richardson revealed to the New York Daily News a pair of teams he says were part of trade discussions with a caveat.

Sources say that teams tried to low-ball the Jets to land the former Pro Bowl defensive lineman. For the first time, Richardson revealed details of the trade talks this offseason that included suitors that wanted him to play for less than his guaranteed $8.1 million salary as part of a fifth-year option.

“It’s a business, bro,” Richardson told the Daily News during a lengthy and open discussion about his future. “There was one team that asked me to take a pay cut ... and it was Seattle. And Washington too. There were a lot of offers. A lot of good offers. You’d be surprised.”

Richardson’s contract is one of the tricky parts of trading him. Part of the issue is he would be a rental player since his contract is up at the end of the year. Teams aren’t likely to part with much if they only get one guaranteed year of a player.

The pricetag is another issue. Richardson isn’t just a rental. At $8 million, he is an expensive rental for a guy who hasn’t been in top form on or off the field these last two seasons.

The Jets for their part do have the cap space to facilitate a deal by eating some of his contract if they so choose. The drawback is they would have to pay Richardson to play for another team.

In any event, if a good deal is on the table that can bring the team back a decent return, eating the salary might be part of the price of doing business.