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Report: Jets Have Also Shopped Marcus Williams in Potential Trades

There have been reports today about the Jets floating running back Matt Forte in potential trade talks. Apparently Marcus Williams is another player the Jets have discussed moving.

Forte's age, salary, and decline make any potential trade very difficult.

In the case of Williams, a trade seems tough just because he isn't that good. With cutdown day coming, there probably will be Marcus Williams caliber players available that teams will not have to trade anything to obtain. Williams also comes with a cap hit around $2.7 million. In itself that is not a huge cap hit, but it is no bargain relative to what Williams actually provides.

I'm not saying Williams is untradeable, but the Jets have only been able to acquire pieces like DeMario Davis and a long snapper in recent trades. If the team found a way to trade Williams, I would expect a similar return.