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Todd Bowles Explains Why Josh McCown Didn’t Get Much Work in the Preseason

NFL: New York Jets at New York Giants William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Jets head coach Todd Bowles named Josh McCown the Jets starting quarterback for Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills today.

It has been noted by many fans and media types that the Jets gave McCown few reps in practice and training camp as the preseason neared its conclusion. Bowles offered his explanation for this decision today.

On if it was McCown’s job to lose during the Preseason…

No, it was even because we hadn’t played any games and obviously I wanted to see (Bryce Petty) and (Christian Hackenberg) play. I’ve seen Josh (McCown) play and I was with Josh before and I know what he can do. I just wanted to see if the other ones will go ahead and step up and take the spot, but there was no starter going into training camp.

Of course training camp is primarily about preparing players for the season. Questions will certainly linger about the wisdom of how little work the Jets gave their starter at the most important position as we head into the season.