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Josh McCown Wins QB Battle

Tennessee Titans v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Jets have named 38 year old Josh McCown as their starting quarterback. The announcement ends an unusually long and twisted competition among three quarterbacks, none of whom are likely to be better than bottom of the league starters in 2017.

There was some speculation Bryce Petty’s outstanding performance Saturday against the Giants’ backups might have vaulted him all the way to the top spot, but it was not to be. It seemed the Jets wanted to give Christian Hackenberg every opportunity to win the competition, with multiple long stints with the starters in the preseason, but Hackenberg did little to suggest he was ready for the job.

The Jets now go into the season with one of the oldest starting quarterbacks in the NFL, and one who has never managed to play a full 16 game season. It is likely at some point during the year Petty and/or Hackenberg will be given a chance to start some games at quarterback.

For now it’s on to Buffalo, under the leadership of Josh McCown.