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Jets vs. Giants Preview: Five Questions With Big Blue View

NFL: New York Giants at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Our old friend Ed Valentine of Big Blue view answered five questions to help get ready for tonight’s preseason game between the Jets and the Giants.

1. How are old friends Geno Smith and Brandon Marshall fitting in with the Giants?

Geno Smith is in a battle with Josh Johnson for the No. 2 quarterback job. Only one of them is going to make the roster. Right now, I think that is Smith. You guys know what Geno is. He's maddening. He can help both teams because taking care of the ball is not exactly a strong suit.

Brandon Marshall has fit in well, so far. He is an impressive person in many ways. But ... there is always a but. I need to see how he reacts when the ball is going to Odell Beckham, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram instead of to him. And, how he handles the situation if the Giants aren't as good as they are expected to be.

2. What are the unresolved position battles to watch?

Tight end, wide receiver, defensive end, backup corner, placekicker. Ex-Jet Mike Nugent is in an interesting fight with unproven Aldrick Rosas for the job. Honestly, I think it's a competition Nugent is not going to win.

3. Which under the radar players have had strong training camps to potentially earn a role?

UDFA linebacker Calvin Munson, maybe tight end Matt LaCosse, maybe UDFA wide receiver Travis Rudolph.

4. What are the expectations for Eli Manning this season?

Eli is Eli. If the offensive line gives him a chance, he will have a really good year.

5. One year in what are your thoughts on Ben McAdoo? How is he different from Tom Coughlin?

McAdoo has his own ideas on how to run the Giants' program. He's much younger and connects more easily with players, I think. The Giants won 11 games with him in his first year. The one thing about McAdoo is that he can be stubborn. He needs to show more flexibility in terms of in-game adjustments and being able to adapt away from what his pre-conceived notions of how things should be done are.