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Jets vs. Giants Game Thread

Let's talk some Snoopy Bowl

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It's here, the eagerly awaited, must see TV event of the year, the Snoopy Bowl. The Jets and the Giants get together in New Jersey for their annual preseason battle for New York supremacy.

In case that alone doesn't get your blood pumpin' there are subplots galore. The return of prodigal son Damon "Snacks" Harrison - should the Jets have let this giant people eater in the middle of the defense go? Then there's the return of Brandon Marshall and his feud with Sheldon Richardson. There are at least 15 reasons why this would have been a lot more entertaining if Sheldon were permitted to play cornerback like he suggested, or if Marshall actually made an appearance, which his latest injury may preclude.

One huge fan favorite and former Jet might make an appearance - Geno Smith. Going through the Hack vs. Petty vs. McCown wars makes me nostalgic for the days of Geno vs. Fitz. Smith will probably get his chance for a triumphant return sometime late in the game as he fights to overtake the formidable Josh Johnson, another former Jet, for the right to watch Eli Manning play football this year. Watch for Geno to carve up third and fourth stringers as the stadium gets whipped into a frenzy on a glorious drive ended by an inexplicable turnover in the red zone. Ahhh, just the thought of it brings goose bumps.

Meanwhile the Jets quarterback rotation for this game has been something of a mystery all week. The average, run of the mill team uses the third preseason game as a kind of dress rehearsal for the regular season, giving the starters extended action together in an attempt to gel before the games count. The Jets, being something other than an average, run of the mill team, have not given the presumptive starter, Josh McCown, almost any snaps with the starters in practice this week, leading many to wonder just what nefarious scheme the Jets have planned at quarterback tonight. Dress rehearsal? We don't need no stinkin' dress rehearsal.

Will McCown play at all? Is he actually the presumptive starter for the regular season, or are the Jets going to go with a quarterback in Christian Hackenberg who hasn't led the offense to a single point in his last two dozen drives over two preseasons? Could Bryce Petty still pull a rabbit out of the hat and emerge as the starter? Will the Jets be rotating the quarterbacks in every play? Will they go with a startling reincarnation of the single wing offense? Are they planning on unveiling the Grunt and Punt offense? Stay tuned, the intrigue here is palpable.

It's the Snoopy Bowl, where the Jets travel all the way to JetLife Stadium to play as visitors in their own building. What could be more exciting than this?

Leave your comments in the section cleverly marked "comments" below. As always, please do not ask for or post links to illegal streaming sites for viewing the game. Have fun and enjoy this final tuneup for the regular season before next week's scintillating Scrub Bowl.