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Joe Klecko Misses Out on Hall of Fame Again

The Pro Football Hall of Fame picked two senior candidates to be considered for enshrinement to its 2018 class. Unfortunately Jets great Joe Klecko missed the cut once again.

While this is disappointing from a Jets/Klecko perspective, it is difficult to argue Brazile and Kramer are unworthy candidates. It is just unfortunate for a guy like Klecko that the system is designed the way it is. Only two senior players could be selected this year so worthy candidates would be passed by.

Next year might be tough. The way the process works, only one senior player can be eligible for enshrinement.

I do think things are headed in the right direction for Klecko, though. There finally seems to be some momentum behind his candidacy, helped by a big social media campaign the Jets have run. It won't be 2018, but I do think Klecko's time will eventually come.