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Matt Forte Returns to Team Drills in Jets Practice; Says He Will Be Ready for Week 1

Jets running back Matt Forte has been limited for most of training camp with a hamstring injury. He returned to team drills today.

While Forte’s status for the third preseason game seems to be up in the air, the veteran back is confident he will be ready for the Jets’ opener against the Buffalo Bills.

With hamstring injuries, it just tends to be a matter of resting and waiting to get better. The Jets had plenty of time since Forte suffered his injury so far from the start of the season.

With Forte the question isn't whether he will be ready. It is how the Jets will use him. I think it is universally accepted the Jets utilized him poorly a year ago. They seemed to think he was still capable of carrying a full load out of the backfield. Meanwhile the team sidelined Bilal Powell who will more explosive in every way. In the process, the team managed to sideline Forte in the passing game where he is one of the most prolific players of his generation.

It isn't about getting Forte back. It is about having a better plan for him.