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Jets Training Camp Recap: A Quiet Walkthrough to Prepare for the Lions

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets had a relatively subdued practice today. It seemed like most of the practice was a walkthrough installing plays and preparing for what they will see from the Detroit Lions on Saturday night. There was only one eleven on eleven segment where it seemed like the team was going at full speed.

I had but a few general observations from watching this day of practice in Florham Park.

  • The offense looked sloppy during the brief eleven on eleven period at full speed. There were drops and penalties. It was a brief period, and the offense had looked good at other points this week. I’m not sure I’d read too much into it, but I am noting it.
  • One thing that has struck me about Jamal Adams in the practices I have attended is how controlled his movements are. You rarely if ever see him take a false step. He knows where he needs to get. This is only practice so of course it might not carry into real games, but that was one of the attributes that made him such a stellar prospect.
  • Jason Vander Laan stood out to me in drills. He showed a nice ability to track and adjust to the ball. I am not sure I have seen enough to make me believe he will contribute this year, but that’s an important development for a guy learning how to be a tight end..