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Jets Training Camp Recap: Lorenzo Mauldin and Kelvin Beachum Fight

Jets training camp had a fight today between Lorenzo Mauldin and Kelvin Beachum.

Todd Bowles was not happy with these developments.

On why he brought them together after the scuffle…

They need to know why they’re running. They need to take onus on themselves. If they have energy to scuffle, they have energy to run. If you have energy to scuffle and run, then you should have energy to practice.

On where he draws the line to stop practice and make them run…

Well, it depends. It all varies. If it’s a clean hit and they go on and push each other and shove, that’s fine, but if it goes past the point where people are shoving each other in the back and it turns into a melee, then it’s a problem.

On today being the first fairly significant fight this summer…

There’s one in every camp that we have. This happens to be the one, so officially training camp started today.

If you follow the NFL, you know fights at training camp aren't uncommon, especially a few weeks in when guys are tired of going against the same opponent every day.

In other news, it was another day dominated by the pass rush.

Commence with the glass half full the pass rush is dominating/glass half empty the offensive line is struggling takes.

Finally, Ross Martin continued to outkick Chandler Catanzaro.