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Jets vs. Titans Preseason Recap

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets defeated the Tennessee Titans 7-3 on Saturday night. New York’s preseason debut in 2017 resulted in a win. Of course, the result of the first preseason game doesn’t have much meaning in terms of predicting the success of a season, but there is still plenty to break down on today’s podcast.

Today we focus on Saturday’s result. The first team offense scored on its only series. The Jets then turned the game over to Christian Hackenberg. How did Hackenberg perform? We will talk plenty about it, but this game really can’t be viewed as a complete story on Hackenberg. It is more part of the story as we will discuss. We will also talk about defensive and special teams storylines from the game.

You can listen below. You also can listen by subscribing to the Locked on Jets podcast. The show is available on iTunes, Audioboom, and Spotify for your listening pleasure.