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Jets vs. Titans: Five Things We Learned From New York’s Preseason Opening Victory

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some takeaways I had from Saturday’s night 7-3 win for the Jets over the Tennessee Titans.

The Jets didn’t act like a team preparing Christian Hackenberg to start Week 1 against Buffalo.

The playbook felt very basic in this one. It seemed like the Jets were calling a lot of low risk throws for Hackenberg. I got the sense their goal was just to avoid mistakes so they could increase his confidence level and try to build off this game. The real giveaways here were the way they ran out out the clock at the end of the first half rather than run the two minute drill, and a screen they called on third and long. Those are the types of situations that would call for aggression if the goal is to get a quarterback ready for Week 1. It feels like the Jets were just trying to avoid putting him into situations where something negative could happen. I get the sense the Jets might be trying to build Hackenberg up over a longer period of time.

It’s tough to judge Hackenberg because of the way the team called plays with him in the game.

There were certain elements of Hackenberg’s game that looked better from preseason a year ago. He was generally decisive and made a number of correct basic reads. He also avoided big mistakes. Still, this stuff is quarterbacking 101. Granted, he wasn’t doing these things a year ago so the game was a plus in that sense. I think we are in the land of statistical cherry picking, however, if anybody is going to point to his completion percentage as a sign of a brilliant performance. When you don’t move the ball down the field or score points, it isn’t that hard to complete a bunch of passes. No points and 5 yards per attempt are not exactly the stuff of legends.

Robby Anderson might be the Jets best preseason receiver since David Clowney.

He tore up the NFL a year ago in preseason and earned a roster spot. His 53 yard reception on Saturday night set up the only touchdown of the game. A year ago Anderson was just trying to show he belonged. Now he is looking to work his way into being a legitimate starter.

The Jets will have some interesting decisions to make on defense if this type of play continues.

From the start to the finish, the Jets looked very good on defense. It is only one preseason game, but if this trend continues there are going to be some tough decisions for the team to make on depth pieces.

The Jets generally avoided the injury bug.

It sounds like all of the starters came out of the game unscathed. Doug Middleton was banged up a little bit, but he sounds like the only player who was hurt. The real way you win in preseason is avoiding injuries.