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Jets vs. Titans Game Thread

Al Bello/Getty Images

The Jets take the field tonight to start their preseason. New York hosts the Tennessee Titans at MetLife Stadium.

If you find preseason football exciting, I am sure this is a big night for you. Even those of us who aren't as fired up can appreciate this is another step in the direction of real football.

The final score isn't a big deal in this one. The biggest goal is simply to avoid injuries. It also would be nice to see some of the key players get off to a good start. Aside from that, tonight is about watching some of the key position battles. It is also an opportunity to get a look at some of the backup players who might be called on to play bigger roles during the season.

Leave your thoughts on the game below. I know it stinks that the game is not distributed to a wider audience, but please refrain from asking for and posting links to illegal broadcasts of the game over the internet.