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Todd Bowles: Jets Three Man QB Competition Is Even

NFL: New York Jets-Training Camp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles spoke about the state of the Jets quarterback competition today after practice.

On if it is a two man competition between McCown and Hackenberg…

No, it’s a three-man (competition).

On how close the gap is between all three quarterbacks when deciding the starter…

They’re all pretty even right now.

On if something can be interpreted from who he chooses to start at quarterback…

You can interpret absolutely nothing.

As I said yesterday, I tend to believe Bowles has a more developed take on the competition than this. He might just not want to share it with anybody at this point.

What can we take from the first preseason game?

On how much more weight preseason games carry when compared to what occurs at practice in terms of position evaluations…

It carries a little more. Practice carries a lot because you see them every day. You don’t want to see the same mistakes. You see common mistakes in practice and you see them, more so, because it’s every day and then it’s who performs under the lights. It’s about a two-to-one grade for your final exam as opposed to turning in assignments every day. As the preseason goes, mistakes happen less and less and continue to improve as the preseason goes, then we’ll have a decision.

So we at least get a little information here. As much as we provide information on what happens at practice, the preseason should be a focus.