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Matt Forte Day to Day With Hamstring Injury

NFL: New York Jets-Training Camp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Jets running back Matt Forte is day to day with a hamstring injury. Head coach Todd Bowles addressed Forte’s status after practice today.

On Matt Forte’s health…

Yes, he tweaked his hamstring so right now he’s day-to-day.

On how serious Forte’s hamstring injury is…

He’s day to day.

On how this injury compares to the one he had last year…

I’m not sure, he’s day to day. If he’s out here tomorrow, that’s great. If he’s out here two or three days from here – when he gets out, he gets out here. Right now, I’m not sure the seriousness of it. When they tell me day-to-day, he could be healthy at any time (or) he could be hurt for a while.

On if he plans to err on the side of caution with a veteran like Forte during camp…

Yes, that’s definite. Matt came in in shape and he’s a hell of a player. These things happen early in camp. We’ll just go through it and we’ll get back to work, as normal.

I am a fan of keeping aging backs on a pitch count during training camp and the preseason. You don’t want to put too many more miles on them for snaps that don’t count.

The questions about Forte were never going to be answered in training camp. He doesn’t need to refine his game. He needs to show whether he can find a way to be productive in a reduced role. His 2016 season showed that he doesn’t have the ability to be an every down back. Can he reinvent himself as a part-time guy?

This injury won’t have much to do with the answer.