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What Is Your Most Obscure Piece of Jets Trivia?

Chiefs v Cowboys Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Have you ever tried to impress people at parties with obscure facts that you know?

Well I’m not sure anybody is impressed by Jets trivia, but I do enjoy interesting tidbits about the team. I have plenty of them.

The top one that comes to mind for me doesn’t really bring back positive memories, but I still find it amazing. Did you know one man has been named Jets head coach twice without actually coaching a game for the team? It is Bill Belichick.

Belichick’s one day tenure with the Jets in 2000 is now part of NFL lore, but it was actually the second time he had been named the team’s head coach. The first was a one week stint in 1997.

Bill Parcells left the Patriots after the team’s Super Bowl loss to the Packers in January 1997. There was mutual interest between Parcells and the Jets. The Jets were coming off Rich Kotite’s disastrous 4-28 tenure and needed somebody who could bring credibility to the franchise. Parcells left New England in frustration in part because he wanted more of a hand in personnel decisions. The Jets were willing to oblige.

The issue was Parcells’ New England contract. The Patriots appealed to the league, and the league declared that Parcells’ contract would not allow him to coach any team other than the Patriots in 1997.

The Jets decided to engineer a bizarre workaround. In February, they hired Parcells as a consultant and Belichick as the head coach for the 1997 season. This arrangement would be in place for when Parcells would become head coach in 1998.

The Patriots strenuously objected, and the league stepped in. Then commissioner Paul Tagliabue brokered a deal around a week later with the teams that allowed Parcells to coach the Jets in 1997. As compensation, the Jets sent the Patriots four Draft picks.

Thus ended Bill Belichick’s first head coaching tenure with the Jets. Unlike his 2000 defection, the 1997 situation worked out pretty well for the Jets. Parcells got the team to within a game of the Super Bowl within two years with Belichick running his defense.

What is your best obscure Jets fact?