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Christian Hackenberg Has the Best Day of the Quarterbacks at Jets Training Camp

All indications are Christian Hackenberg was the cream of the crop at quarterback today in Jets training camp in a day that was otherwise dismal for the offense.

Today Hackenberg got equal reps with Josh McCown.

As Todd Bowles noted in his post-practice press availability, you don't want to read too much into a few practices, though.

On what he’s seen from the quarterbacks after three days…

Not much. It’s three days in like you said. It’s an evaluation process. I’m not sitting here looking at the quarterbacks every day. I’m looking at the entirety of the team and I get the film, and then we evaluate everybody. It’s going to be a process. The next two weeks or so as we get the offense in and it clears up for everybody it’ll start to take care of itself.

Hearing that Hackenberg is off to a good start at least beats the alternative.