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Jets to Have Their First Padded Practice of Training Camp Monday

NFL: New York Jets-Training Camp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles indicated when speaking to the media Sunday that Monday’s training camp practice would be the team’s first in pads.

On how excited he is to see the team in full pads tomorrow…

Well it’s good, because that’s when camp really starts. You get to see (players in) T-shirts and shorts here. Two-hand touch is fine, and you have to see if guys can get off bump (coverage), you have to see if guys can get off blocks, you have to see if guys can block, and you have to see if quarterbacks can throw with the timing disrupted and you have to see if DBs can cover and re-route and all those type of things, so you get a better assessment (in pads).

It isn’t a full game simulation. Quarterbacks will be wearing red jerseys that prevent them from being hit. It certainly does emulate game situations better when players are in pads and able to have more contact than when they are in shorts.

The NFL’s collective bargaining does not permit teams to wear pads at practice until the fourth day of training camp so Monday is the first day the Jets are allowed to wear pads.