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Who Is Underrated and Overrated on the Jets?

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I am not a huge fan of the concept of players being overrated and underrated in this day and age. There are just too many opinions out there to get a good grasp. For almost any player I think you can find somebody who wildly underrates him and somebody who wildly overrates him.

My opinion aside, Pete Prisco of CBS puts together an annual feature where he picks one player on each team he thinks is underrated and one he thinks is overrated.

Here are his picks for the Jets.

Underrated: DE Leonard Williams

I know he went to the Pro Bowl last season, but as well as he played he didn't get the attention he deserved. He is a star on the rise and could be considered one of the best 2-3 down players in the league this season. Unlike some of his teammates, he plays hard all the time too.

This is kind of my point. How underrated can Williams be when he was selected to the Pro Bowl? People clearly know he is a very good player.

Overrated: DE Muhammad Wilkerson

He has the tools to be a dominant player week in and week out, but sometimes the effort wanes on tape. He has to be more focused. The talent is there to be a top-10 down player on defense; it's time he shows it.

This one just feels like piling on to me. If Wilkerson replicates his poor 2016 season this coming year, I think we can have this discussion. It is too soon, though. Are we going to just forget about what he did in the four previous seasons? He was one of the most dominant defensive linemen in the league. His contract doesn’t look too great at the present moment, but he is totally worth that type of money if he returns to his previous form this year.