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How Many Jets Made Andy Benoit’s Top 400 Players?

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

MMQB film guru Andy Benoit put out an ambitious list ranking the NFL’s top 400 players. Here are the players from the Jets who made his cut.

395. Quincy Enunwa WR

Enunwa is a valuable hybrid weapon who, last season, showed some ability to win on his own out on the perimeter.

350. Morris Claiborne CB

When he's healthy, Claiborne is an excellent mirror-technique press corner. The problem is he's been healthy literally only half the time over the last four years.

105. Sheldon Richardson 3-4 DE

He can wreck a game for an offense'and from almost anywhere along the front seven (including certain linebacker positions on third downs). The only drawback is that Richardson is as immature as he is athletic.

93. Muhammad Wilkerson 3-4 DE

Wilkerson is coming off a bad season, no question. But it wasn't a bad enough season to make you forget the five spectacular ones he put together before that.

74. Leonard Williams 3-4 DE

Williams has flashed at every position along the defensive line, though he's at his most disruptive when operating inside.

As with any list this ambitious, you can have a quibble here and there with the rankings. I have a great deal of respect for the film study Benoit does, though.

It is striking to see the Jets only put five players on the list. With around 1,700 players on an active NFL roster at any one time, the top 400 are just a little bit above the top quarter in quality. The Jets only placing five players in this group helps in part to explain why expectations are so low for the coming season.