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Jets 2017 Roster Breakdown: Tanner Purdum Is Now the Longest Tenured Jet

New York Jets v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Our roster countdown now takes a look at Tanner Purdum.

Name: Tanner Purdum

Number: 46

Year with Jets: 8th

Projected Role: Long snapper

His 2016: Purdum had another solid season where he made little in the way of obvious mistakes as the team’s long snapper.

2017 will be a success if: Purdum doesn’t do anything to stand out. Long snappers only draw attention when they do something wrong. If a long snapper is doing his job, you won’t notice him. It looked for a stretch like Purdum might be on the way out. At the very least it looked like he might face some competition to keep his job as the Jets brought in a few long snappers at various points in the offseason. Things could easily change, but Purdum now appears likely to stay. Amazingly, he is now the longest tenured Jet. In fact, he is the only player on the roster to participate in a Playoff game in a Jets uniform.

Odds of making the roster: Probable (75-99%)