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ESPN Ranks Jets 31st in Future Power Rankings

NFL: New York Jets-Minicamp Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN compiled a power ranking of teams with a catch. This ranking attempts to project over a three year period. Like many more conventional power rankings, the Jets don’t fare so well here. Only the Browns rated lower.

Why they're here: The Jets are in tear-down mode. It's not a mystery. After purging the roster of several veterans on more lucrative deals, the Jets have started compiling some assets. Question marks pepper the roster, starting at quarterback, but the team also possesses what is almost assuredly the least imposing group of wide receivers in the NFL. -- Field Yates

Biggest worry: This is by far the worst QB situation in the league. They need to figure out whether Christian Hackenberg can give them a chance to win. Then they can move on to the monumental task of rebuilding the entire roster. This team is not winning anytime soon. -- Louis Riddick

What could change for the better: The Jets ranked last in QB outlook, but there is a very good chance the team will be in position to select from a highly rated draft class in 2018. Using an early pick for someone such as USC's Sam Darnold would quickly move the Jets into the top 10 for QB outlook when the time comes to produce future rankings next offseason. That is a realistic scenario given how poorly the Jets seem destined to finish in 2017. -- Mike Sando

It is adventurous to project over three years, but I’m not sold on the idea. It is impossible to make good projections over that long of a stretch in the NFL.

I understand the low ranking. Of Mike Maccagnan’s first two Draft classes, so far only Leonard Williams has developed into a quality starter. The rest of those classes shows why this kind of projection is difficult to make, though.

If we are to be honest, I think it is fair to say the 2015 and 2016 Draft classes have been disappointments as a whole so far. The book is not entirely written on these classes, though. There is still time for those guys to grow and turn into better players.

If you want to do a ranking of where things stand at the present moment, I think it is probably fair to put the Jets near the bottom of the league. Every single team has a lot of young players who could conceivably develop into good players. But this team certainly could avoid the very bottom of the league if some of the other young parts develop better than expected.