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How Jay Cutler Didn’t End Up With the Jets

Early in the offseason, there were rumblings the Jets were interested in Jay Cutler. The team ended up signing veteran quarterback Josh McCown while Cutler ended up taking a job as a television analyst on FOX.

On Adam Schefter’s podcast, Cutler outlined what happened with the Jets. Mike Florio transcribed.

During an appearance on a podcast with Adam Schefter of ESPN, Cutler said that the Jets reached out to him shortly after the Bears cut him loose. Cutler said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to keep playing, so nothing materialized right away. They stayed in touch, but had a hard time finding a date that worked for a visit and it ultimately became a moot issue when the Jets signed Josh McCown.

"The stars didn’t really align for me to get out there," Cutler said. "By the time I was scheduled to get out there, my buddy Josh had taken a visit and they worked something out with him. It all worked out. I’m happy for him."

To listen to Schefter’s podcast, you can go here.

In all of the years I have followed the Jets, I have seen few things unite the fanbase like the near universal opposition to signing Cutler this offseason. I can barely think of anybody who was in favor of it. Of course, it is difficult to say the Jets ended up dodging a bullet. Signing Josh McCown is arguably a worse outcome.