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Woody Johnson’s Statement on David Harris

NFL: Super Bowl LI-NFL Honors Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jets owner Woody Johnson released the following statement on the team’s release of linebacker David Harris.

For a decade, David Harris represented the Jets with character and professionalism. He held himself to the highest of standards and always carried himself with a quiet dignity and humility. While these decisions are always difficult and the timing is not ideal, David will always be a Jet, and I appreciate his leadership and passion.

It is interesting to see Johnson acknowledge the poor timing of Harris’ release. Harris’ representation released a statement yesterday critical of the Jets for waiting until June to make their decision. It was a striking move. Normally players release a statement thanking the team and its fans for a great run. The agents released the statement, but it is easy to read that as Harris’ thoughts.

I think it is difficult to argue the Jets handled this situation the right way. I find talk cheap here. It’s easy to say you respect a player, but it rings hollow to me when your actions suggest the opposite. Harris did represent the Jets with character and professionalism. He did hold himself to the highest of standards. I don’t think you can say the same about the manner in which the Jets let him go.