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Report: Jets Reached Out to Steve Smith

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Kim Jones reports the Jets reached out to veteran wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. who retired after the 2016 season about a possible return to the NFL.

The Jets contacted former Panthers and Ravens star Steve Smith about playing in 2017, NFL Network's Kimberly Jones reported on Tuesday's edition of Inside Minicamp Live.

"Earlier today in the green room, Steve Smith Sr. was saying 'Hey, the Jets reached out to me,'" Jones explained. "Yes, the Jets reached out to Steve Smith, asked if he was still interested in playing. He indicated he wasn't."

We don’t know the timing of the discussion or the terms of interest. It feels somewhat fitting that we would hear about this news on a day when the Jets are cutting ties with veterans Eric Decker and David Harris. It has been the type of offseason where it has been difficult to figure out what direction the Jets are trying to go in. For every sign the team is looking past 2017, there has seemed to be a signing eating up cap space to marginally improve the club’s chances in the present.

Get rid of the 30 year old Decker to start a youth movement at receiver? Reach out to a 38 year old who might not be able to help a team anymore. Maybe that is too big of an oversimplification, but this offseason has at many times felt to me like a series of moves without any discernible pattern.