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Jets Mailbag: What Does Christian Hackenberg Need to Do to Prevent the Jets From Drafting a QB in 2018?

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

We end our week with a podcast mailbag. Thanks once again to those of you who sent such great questions our way. We got to all of the questions that were posted before the show recorded. If your question didn’t make it, feel free to ask again next week.

Today we take a look at what kind of season Christian Hackenberg would need to have to prevent the Jets from drafting a quarterback in the first round of next year’s Draft, whether Todd Bowles has shown any positive signs in his two years as head coach, whether the release of David Harris had anything to do with giving Jamal Adams more responsibility, how good Adams is, whether it makes sense to use an extra offensive lineman instead of a blocking tight end, expectations for Jordan Jenkins, and whether Todd Bowles can develop a quarterback.

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