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Jets Owner Woody Johnson Nominated as Ambassador to United Kingdom

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images

Jets owner Woody Johnson has been formally nominated to be the United States’ ambassador to the United Kingdom.

We have been waiting official word since January. Johnson still needs to go through the confirmation process so he isn’t headed anywhere for the time being. The nomination was a necessary step to get the ball rolling, though.

If and when Johnson takes his post, indications are Woody’s brother would take over the day to day operations of the franchise, although its unclear how involved Woody still might be from across the Atlantic Ocean. We also don’t have a whole lot of knowledge about Woody’s brother and how he would operate.

Anybody who says they have an idea about how good, bad, or neutral this is for the franchise is frankly guessing at this point.

If you want my guess, it’s that we will see the Jets play in more London games in the near future.