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Filed under: Head Coach Rankings: Todd Bowles Rates Last Among Coaches With Experience

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Elliot Harrison of put together a ranking of NFL head coaches. Things do not look great for Jets head coach Todd Bowles. Bowles rates 28th, which isn’t pretty on its own. It must be noted that the four coaches who rank below him are all rookie head coaches.

Last season was a nightmare for the Jets. The ending? Ugly, particularly for Bowles, who absorbed much criticism for the give-up look of his team. Did they mail it in? Only the head coach and those who were in that locker room know. Yet, if Bowles can pull a Sully and guide this spiraling team gracefully, he might transcend another paltry record. Simply put, Bowles doesn't have a roster capable of turning New York around, much less challenging in the AFC East. But he can lead a rebuild and make a losing season a successful one by developing a QB1.

I don’t think you can say last year’s team mailed it in on the coach. They dominated a meaningless Week 17 game after all.

The ranking seems fair, though. 2017 was a catastrophe for the Jets, which partially at least has to do with poor coaching. Granted, no coach is going to look great with so many big money veterans underperforming, but there were a number of issues with Bowles from the way he managed the game to his player deployment decisions to the number of times the team was outschemed to the number of times the team was blown out.

Bowles has a chance to improve things this year, but 2017 was a major mark against him.