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Jets History Volume 1: The 1968 AFL Championship vs. Oakland Raiders

NFL: Super Bowl 50-NFL Honors Red Carpet Entrances Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Today on our podcast, we turn in a different direction. It is the quiet time of the offseason calendar. With that in mind, I want to introduce a themed episode, which I have wanted to get around to for a while. We are going to look to do a few podcasts about the history of the Jets. While the franchise’s history isn’t as storied as some teams’, there still are quite a few interesting notes, legendary performers, and memorable moments.

To get things started, on today’s show the discussion is about the 1968 AFL Championship Game against the Oakland Raiders. People always talk about the Super Bowl III victory over the Colts that followed, but the game against the Raiders to get there was legendary in its own right. Through the years I have stumbled upon a number of interesting tidbits about the game. For those of you who were around to see the game, it might just be rehashing history, but I hope those of you who weren’t find it interesting.

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