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Jets 2017 Roster Countdown: What Can Josh Martin Bring to the Table?

NFL: New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Our roster countdown continues today by looking at number 95 Josh Martin.

Name: Josh Martin

Number: 95

Year with Jets: 3rd

Projected role: Special teamer with a chance to contribute situationally as an edge rusher (maybe?)

His 2016: Martin only had 23 snaps on defense. He did lead the Jets with 11 special teams tackles. Somehow this led to the team giving him a contract potentially worth $4.3 million over 2 years. It also included $850,000 guaranteed. If that sounds like an awful lot of money over a handful of tackles, you’re probably right. Teams can find guys to put up 11 tackles on special teams off the scrap heap. Heck, that’s where the Jets found Martin.

2017 will be a success if: Martin plays well on special teams AND carves out a role on defense. He has one of the 20 highest cap hits on the team. That’s starter money so just posting low double digit tackles on special teams probably won’t be enough to justify the deal. He probably will get a chance since his $1 million dead money cap hit for cutting him makes it likely he makes the roster.