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Jamal Adams Was Calling Out the Offense’s Plays at Jets Minicamp

NFL: New York Jets-OTA Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Jets rookie Jamal Adams had a very impressive minicamp according to many of the reporters present. He apparently was able to diagnose some of the plays the Jets ran on offense before the snap.

Rich Cimini:

Jets No. 1 pick Jamal Adams already has impressed with his intangibles. Adams, who takes pride in his film study, said he was able to call out a couple of offensive plays before the snap in today's practice. He's also known for his leadership traits.

Connor Hughes:

A day after his highlight-reel interception, Adams flashed his football acumen on Thursday. On the first set of team drills, he sprinted to the line from his safety spot just as the offense set. He began screaming out commands to his teammates, diagraming the play he believed was coming.

The play began moments later. The offense ran exactly what Adams predicted. The defense had things perfectly covered. Sheldon Richardson came in for a sack.

As I frequently say, you never want to get too high or too low on a player based on what happens in an offseason practice. This is still pretty impressive stuff.

As much as we talk about physical attributes and playmaking, there are certain skills a player brings to the table that aren’t as obvious. The Jets drafted Adams because they want him to be an impact player at the back of the defense, but impact isn’t solely derived from the stat sheet.