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Jets Mailbag: Does It Make Sense for the Team to Release Other Veterans?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday on our podcast means a mailbag show. Thanks to everybody who sent in mailbag questions. They were great. I did my best to answer as many as possible. Unfortunately I could not get to them all, but our next mailbag show is not very far away.

On today’s podcast we look at whether the Jets should continue their veteran purge, how much trade value their departed veterans had, whether Todd Bowles should handle Pete Carroll’s model for dealing with players, why people are so down on the Jets right now, whether the offensive line better fits a zone blocking or man blocking scheme, whether the team should try to extend its new number one receiver, whether the head coach and general manager could survive an 0-16 season, and who the team MVP will be if the team is surprisingly good.

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