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Jets Veteran Minicamp Live Update Tracker 6/13

NFL: New York Jets-OTA Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets start their veteran minicamp today. This minicamp is a three day event. Unlike the rest of the offseason program, attending minicamp is mandatory. Up to this point, all offseason practices have been optional. Missing minicamp comes with a fine.

While we will not learn much from what happens, these will likely be among the last crumbs of Jets news we will get until training camp kicks off deep in the summer. You would be well-advised to not get too crazy over reports of a particular player’s progress either positive or negative. These are just a handful of practices. Like the rest of the offseason program, players will not be wearing pads, something to keep in mind if you are getting too excited about the results.

The GGN Twitter widget is embedded below to provide you with updates from the day at Jets minicamp. It will automatically refresh to keep you up to date.