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What Will Jamal Adams’ Rookie Contract With the Jets Look Like?

NFL: New York Jets-Rookie Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Much of the mystery of NFL rookie contracts has been eliminated with the rookie wage scale. There aren’t many holdouts anymore as a result. When they do happen, they tend to be squabbles over something minor like the ridiculous way the Chargers refused to relent on offsets in Joey Bosa’s contract last year.

Because of the scale, we have a good idea about how much each rookie’s contract will cost his team. Over the Cap has a good breakdown.

How much will the Jets be paying Jamal Adams?

The estimate is a $22,258,808 deal over four years. When he signs his contract, Adams’ cap hits will be an estimated $4,047,056 for year one, $5,058,820 for year two, $6,070,584 for year three, and $7,082,348 for year four.

The contract will also come with a fifth year team option at salary averaging the top ten players at Adams’ position.

Again, it is easy to see why hitting on Draft picks is so important. Safety isn’t a position with many highly paid players, and Adams is one of the most expensive picks from this class. Even so, this contract averaging around $5.6 million per year isn’t in the top twenty of annual averages at the position. If Adams pans out, the Jets will have a bargain here.