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Did the Jets Get Good Value in the 2017 NFL Draft? Here Is What One Big Board Says

NFL: New York Jets-Rookie Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Value in the NFL Draft is a tricky thing to define. It can only be judged with certainty years after the Draft.

I still want to take a look at how the Jets’ Draft in 2017 stacked up with the way experts saw things so I took at look at CBS’ NFL Draft Big Board. The board was put in place before the Draft so there is no bias for or against any teams.

How did the Jets do?

Jamal Adams

Ranking: 3

Pick: 6

Value: +3

Marcus Maye

Ranking: 47

Pick: 39

Value: -8

ArDarius Stewart

Ranking: 71

Pick: 79

Value: +8

Chad Hansen

Ranking: 93

Pick: 141

Value: +48

Jordan Leggett

Ranking: 96

Pick: 150

Value: +54

Dylan Donahue

Ranking: 229

Pick: 181

Value: -48

Elijah McGuire

Ranking: 203

Pick: 188

Value: -15

Jeremy Clark

Ranking: 239

Pick: 197

Value: -42

Derrick Jones

Ranking: 307

Pick: 204

Value: -103


This is only one ranking, but the Jets did very well by this criteria. Four of their first five picks were considered good value, and the team left the Draft with five of the top 100 players despite trading down. If things actually play out this well, Jets fans are going to be ecstatic with the Draft.

Of course none of these rankings matter once the players actually hit the field.

Maybe we will take a look at some other big boards in the weeks to come to see whether the Jets fare as well.