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What Did Todd Bowles Have to Say After Jets Rookie Minicamp?

NFL: New York Jets-Rookie Minicamp Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports


Todd Bowles spoke to the press yesterday as the Jets conducted their rookie minicamp. He is the discussion along with a few bullet points with some of the key things Bowles addressed.

-Bowles indicated he was looking for different types of coaches when filling out his staff for this year. He said he wanted a mix of styles among intense and mellow guys and teachers.

-He mentioned nobody has a big edge in the competition for roster spots at wide receiver. Even the guys with a year under their belts are learning a new system.

-He noted last year not utilizing the tight end was due in a large part to the personnel on the roster, not just design.

-Bowles didn’t rule out the idea of using a roster spot on a specialist whose only job is to return kicks.

-He noted he can’t evaluate what people might bring on special teams very much until training camp.