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Jets Sign Sixth Round Picks Elijah McGuire and Derrick Jones

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets signed two of their nine Draft picks from the 2017 class. They are sixth round picks Elijah McGuire and Derrick Jones.

McGuire is a running back out of Louisiana-Lafayette. Jones is a cornerback out of Mississippi who also spent some time in his college career at wide receiver. For now at least the Jets view him as a corner.

It is not at all surprising that signing the sixth round picks was easy. I have never heard of a sixth round pick who held out. In the era of the rookie wage scale, even a first round pick holding out is now rare.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see more of the day three picks sign deals in the near future. The contracts are standard, and they know they aren’t going to be making a whole lot of money as late round picks.

Seven picks from the Jets’ 2017 class remained unsigned at the moment.