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Matt Bowen: Jamal Adams Is Perfect Fit With Jets

NFL: New York Jets-Jamal Adams Press Conference Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Matt Bowen took a look at what he considered nine player who ended up with a perfect team in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Jets’ top pick was among them.

In Todd Bowles' aggressive, blitz-happy scheme, Adams is the ideal safety because of his versatile traits and tackling ability. Adams has the coverage skill set to play blitz-man versus tight ends, and he can roll down over slot receivers. This gives the Jets more matchup ability: Adams can take away hot routes, drive on the ball and tackle in space. Bowles can also move Adams all over the field in defensive sub-packages to add to pressure fronts and impact the coverage rotation in the secondary.

Along with the scheme fit under Bowles, I expect Adams to change the overall identity of the Jets' secondary. With his leadership skills and style of play, Adams can be the catalyst for increased production in the back end of the defense. The Jets went all-in on the safety position after drafting Florida's Marcus Maye in the second round to pair with Adams, and it's pretty clear Bowles wants to get tougher in the secondary.

I think there is a lot to this. Bowles likes his defense to be able to throw a lot of different looks at the opposition. Having safeties who can do a little bit of everything puts a lot more on the table schematically.

I think there is also a practical aspect to this. When you run a high risk blitzing defense, you need guys in the back who can clean things up when there is a breakdown. Last year it felt like the guys the Jets had deep were increasing the number of breakdowns rather than preventing them from happening.

There likely will be some rookie moments, but by year two the Jets will hope these things have stopped.