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What Does Todd Bowles Think About the Players the Jets Drafted?

New York Jets v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The official Jets website collected some thoughts from head coach Todd Bowles on the players the Jets drafted. It goes without saying the coaching staff probably liked all of these players. The team wouldn’t have picked them otherwise. It is nonetheless interesting to hear what specific attributes drew the team’s attention and what roles the coaching staff envision each player taking.

Here are a few of the comments.

Jamal Adams

“He’s an outstanding player, obviously. He’s smart, fast, tough and physical. He’s an alpha. He’s good and off the field he checked all the boxes for us . We think we got a real good football player. We had him rated high.”

Marcus Maye

“Outstanding football player, great communicator. He sees the ball and goes to get it. He hunts the ball down. He’s a very good athlete and safety. He can play either spot and has a lot of versatility. It’s similar to some of the things Jamal has and they’re interchangeable.”

Jordan Leggett

“We went to the private workout and he was there with Deshaun Watson. He caught the ball very well and ran a lot better than we thought he would. When you go back and watch the game film, the tape matches what he did in the private workout, so we’re very excited to have a pass-catching tight end. Since we’re incorporating a new offense, we’re trying to use it more.”

I’ll link the website to let you see the rest.

The Maye comments really jump off the page to me. You can understand why the Jets would put such a premium on communication with all of the breakdowns at the back of their defense a year ago. The versatility comment also sticks out. That is what Bowles wants in a safety, and he didn’t have it last year.