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Josh McCown: I’m Looking Forward to Helping Petty and Hackenberg

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Josh McCown spoke to the media yesterday. Connor Hughes noted some of his comments.

"You don't really know something until you have to teach it," McCown said via conference call Wednesday. "I want to give away what I can because, ultimately, it will help me be a better player, and it will also help Hack and Bryce."


"I look forward to working with Hack and Bryce, trying to give away the things I've learned in my career and hopefully make their journeys better throughout their career. That's something I believe in as a person, in every walk of life.

"If you can give something away and can make someone else's journey better, you'll have a different sense of peace."

It would be nice if McCown could take the young guys under his wing and help him. I get the sense some people view him as an extra quarterbacks coach, though. That isn’t the aim for signing a player like this. He is making more money than most head coaches in the league. Helping the younger guys learn is good, but at the amount of money the Jets are paying, they need effective play.