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What Do Scouts Think About Jets Draft Picks ArDarius Stewart and Jordan Leggett?

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Yesterday we shared a sampling of the quotes Packers reporter Bob McGinn compiled about the Jets’ first two Draft picks, Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. McGinn was also able to get scouts to talk about third round pick ArDarius Stewart and fifth round pick Jordan Leggett before the Draft. This is what they said.

ArDarius Stewart

Scout #1: “Whenever I saw Alabama need a third-down conversion throwing the ball he caught it. Highly competitive. Plays maybe faster than you think.

Scout #2: “You’ve got to do some work on him off the field. He’s got the talent. Loves football. Great run after catch. He’ll battle you.”

Additionally: Five personnel people expressed reservations about Stewart’s maturity level.

Jordan Leggett

Scout #1: “First name is ‘Lazy’ at the school. Lazy Leggett. When you watch him try to block on the back side or point of attack I guess the name fits. But he’s long, he’s big, he can catch over the middle, big target, good receiving skills, good catch radius. But I wouldn’t want him in a foxhole with me.”

Scout #2: “More of a finesse tight end. He’s a one-speed guy. There’s no twitch in his game, either.”

Scout #3: “Does he really love it? We don’t know. He’s not a fighter. Has no interest in the run game.”