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Jets OTA Live Update Tracker 5/24

NFL: New York Jets-OTA Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Day one of OTA’s was fairly eventful for the Jets. Both of their coordinators and one of their highest profile players made the news. The coordinators offered information about their respective approaches at strategies for the upcoming 2017 season as the Jets try to recover from a rough year. The player continued a feud with somebody who isn’t even his teammate anymore.

With plenty to talk about, today is day two of OTA’s for this year. The media isn’t going to be at the practice so it isn’t clear what we will get in the way of updates today. We still will throw this thread up for discussion and in case any news breaks.

To handle that task, we will go back to the GGN Twitter widget. The widget doesn’t need to practice in the offseason to be at the top of its game. It is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.