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Looking at Devin Smith’s Time With the Jets

NFL: New York Jets at Houston Texans Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Devin Smith’s time with the Jets has not had many ups. It has been full of downs. The Jets made a procedural move yesterday to clear a spot on the roster for Smith, using the waived/injured designation on him. If Smith clears waivers, he likely will be placed on injured reserve. He still has a year left on his contract so he still could theoretically return next season to try and salvage his career with the team. After missing so much critical developmental time, it is difficult to feel bullish about his career.

On today’s podcast, we will talk about Smith’s time with the team and where he might go from here. It might not be his fault, but he appears to be the latest in this franchise’s long line of disappointing second round picks.

You can listen to the podcast below or subscribe to the Locked on Jets podcast on iTunes or Audioboom.