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NY Jets: A Plan Emerges

NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

On today’s podcast we look back at the 2017 NFL Draft for the Jets. Although we will do our best, we cannot truly evaluate how well the players the team picked will be in the NFL. We can take educated guesses. We can try to scout them. We can’t say for sure, though.

What we can do is see what the team was thinking when it made the picks. Each team has a thought process behind its moves. What were the Jets looking to do when they made their picks?

Today I will do my best to offer my thoughts. Before the Draft we had a podcast where I said I was hoping to see thing that encouraged me about the team’s planning for the future. I did see just that. Of course the players panning out is the most important thing, but we can still take something from the thought process.

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