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What Do Scouts Think About Jets Draft Picks Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye?

NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Each year Packers beat writer Bob McGinn provides a sampling of what he hears from scouts on each top prospect in the NFL Draft. What do scouts have to say about the Jets’ top two picks Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye?

Please remember these are the words of just a few scouts. It just is worth showing what real talent evaluators think.

Jamal Adams

Scout 1: “He has very good range against the run. When the ball’s on the perimeter and breaks the line of scrimmages he tackles somebody for like a 1-yard gain. For most guys it’s a 5- or 6-yard gain. I don’t think he has that outstanding over the top range but it’s good enough. He’s a player with great character. Someone said on a profile test he didn’t score real well. I don’t see any mental concerns on tape.”

Scout 2: “That 4.43 (pro day time opposed to Combine time) is what you thought he’d run. He plays at a different speed than everybody. He’s not Sean Taylor, but he’s one of the top five players in this draft. Phenomenal leader. Pro’s pro.”

Scout 3: “Adams is more explosive than (Ha Ha) Clinton-Dix.Ha Ha is a better deep-field player from a range standpoint but you’re going to get more wow plays from Adams. He had more in his body than Ha Ha.”

Scout 4: “I liked him more last year. He’s a box guy. He struggles in space. You have to be able to play in space today.”

Marcus Maye

Scout 1: “He’s better than (Jabrill) Peppers. You see him do it (play safety). His holes are deep part of the field, vertical angles and man cover.”

Scout 2: “Natural-born leader. He’s got deceptively long speed. Secure tackler.”

Scout 3: “He’s a lot like Matt Elam coming out. You don’t want him in coverage. If you can match him on tight ends and big slots you’ve got a better chance of not getting him exposed. He’s not a guy that’s creating the interception, mirroring routes and undercutting. He’s physical. He’s not afraid to put a hat on you.”