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Christian Hackenberg: “There’s a Different Level of Confidence”

New York Giants v New York Jets Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Andy Vasquez caught up with Jets quarterback Christian Hackenberg at David Harris’ charity golf outing yesterday. The second year player indicated he is getting comfortable with his surroundings in New York.

"I think I got better in a lot of ways," Hackenberg said Monday at Harris' outing which benefits the Give The Kids Hope Foundation. "I really, really feel good about where I'm at."


"There’s a different level of confidence," Hackenberg said."But I think that also goes back to [being in] Year 2. You’re more comfortable in the situation, more comfortable with the guys in the locker room, in the huddle. Having the ability to throw with some guys and have a feel for them."

Many teams claim they will not play a quarterback as a rookie. If a season starts falling apart, most of the time those promises are not kept, and the young guy in thrown into the lineup.

Say what you will about the Jets. They kept their word on Hackenberg even as they suffered through a disastrous year.

After having a chance to sit and get more comfortable, this is his chance to claim the starting job.